Cable / Bracing

Tree failures are often associated with defects or conditions that weaken tree structure. When tree failure is determined possible to impact a target and cause damage, it might be necessary to recommend tree removal or the installation of a tree support system and extensive pruning to reduce risk.

Lightning Protection

Tree lightning protection systems (TLPS) are intended to provide a preferred point for lightning attachment and a preferred path to ground for lightning strike currents. The risk of lightning damage is a function of the probability of a direct strike to the tree and the expected damage to the tree resulting from the strike.

Plant Health Care

There are many diseases and insects that can infect a tree and its health. We can identify a disease, illness, or a problem and if warranted, take corrective action through Plant Health Care (PHC).


Reduce risk of failure – risk of tree failure can be reduced by establishing a structural pruning program Provide clearance – growth can be directed away from an object such as a building, lights, streets, signs, or power lines

Removing Trees

Removal of a tree can be done for a number of reasons – dying or dead, wrong location, risk of failure, disease, storm damage, etc. Tree removal can be a very simple or complex task that can require different types of equipment such as a lift or a crane.

Risk Assesment

Tree risk assessments are the applications of practices used to identify, evaluate, mitigate, and monitor tree risk. Trees are not free of risk. To experience the benefits that trees provide, some level of risk mush be accepted.

Strump Grinding

The subterraneous removal of stumps and roots. Stump grinding is usually done for aesthetic reasons or if another tree will be planted in the same area. We grind to a depth of around 18 inches, and depending on the stump and location, usually 36-inch in diameter.

Tree Planting

It doesn’t take much time to plant a tree, but how it is done can have lasting effects. Mistakes made when planting trees are difficult and costly to correct later. Attention to details made at planting time will pay dividends for years.